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Issue: Fuel Supply & Management

Utilities rely on an increasingly diverse mix of energy sources such as coal, natural gas, hydropower, wind and solar to keep electricity affordable. Legislative and regulatory proposals that would limit fuel options or otherwise handcuff power suppliers can lead to higher electricity prices. 

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Issue: Non-Carbon Emissions

The United States has improved air quality even as population and energy use have increased. And yet, regulators are still proposing unnecessary emissions restrictions on power plants that offer little health benefits but could greatly impact the price consumers pay for electricity. 

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Issue: Carbon Emissions

Addressing the issue of carbon dioxide is a relatively new and highly complex area of environmental regulation. Much of what federal and state regulators are attempting to do in this area is troublesome for electricity consumers.

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Regulating CO2 is highly complex new undertaking. Learn how carbon rules could affect you.

American air quality is high, yet unreasonable new standards could cost billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Questionable rules and regulations that limit fuel options endanger a truly “all of the above” approach to energy development.

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