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Colorado farmer recalls life without electricity

It is easy to take for granted something that is so reliable and ever-present. We expect light when we flip on a switch or to see our favorite show when we turn on the TV.

But many Americans remember what it was like to live without electricity. We sat down with Bill Bohn, a dairy farmer from Longmont, Colo., to learn what it was like to grow up in the dark.

Bill was born in western Nebraska, where his family had a small farm.

He and his family moved to Longmont with their tractor, belongings and Bill’s pony when he was eight.

Co-ops Review EPA’s Updated Clean Power Plan

With the issuance of its final Clean Power Plan rules on August 3, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency charted a fundamentally new direction for power generation in this country. The limitations on carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector that are set forth in the rules may substantially change how Colorado’s electric co-ops provide electricity to our member-owners across the state.