Can you imagine life without electricity?

The warm glow of a single lightbulb outside of Bill Bohn’s new Longmont, Colo. home offered an early sign that life was going to be different from the farm in western Nebraska they had left behind. 

For the first time in his life, Bill’s family had electricity.  Bill was eight and the family bought some Guernsey cows and ran a small dairy farm.

The electricity provided more than just light. Bill recalls: “It was about that time that my dad got the first milking machine here, and oh boy I thought that was really good. That milking by hand was [a] hard, slow process.”

Electricity changed Bill and his family’s life. Keeping it reliable and affordable is vital to all of ours.

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With significantly fewer customers per mile and with diverse and often rugged terrain to cross, rural areas present numerous extra challenges for connecting homes and businesses to electricity. Couple this reality with poorly conceived government mandates on the energy sector, and getting affordable, reliable power to large swaths of the rural West becomes a nearly insurmountable task.